Russian Bombers Over An American Destroyer Operating In The Baltic Sea. Polish Helicopter Onboard.

  • Image Credit: Lockheed Martin
    Image Credit: Lockheed Martin

Russian Su-24 bombers flew close to the American USS Donald Cook Destroyer, currently operating in the Baltic Sea – as CNN reports. Polish SH-2G maritime helicopter was stationed on-board, at the time of the incident.

According to CNN, the flypasts made by the Su-24M Fencer jets, in direct vicinity of the USS Donald Cook destroyer, took place on Tuesday, 12th April. According to “The Wall Street Journal”, similar incidents also took place on Monday, 11th April. Besides the unarmed Su-24M bombers, Russian Ka-27 ASW helicopter also carried out operations close to the American destroyer.

The vessel is currently a home for the Polish SH-2G ASW helicopter. This type of rotorcraft, in the Polish Navy, operates together with the Oliver Hazard Perry class frigates. According to Commander Lt. Col. Czesław Cichy, SH-2G Super Seasprite helicopters are usually operating, from frigates or corvettes. The training involving the Arleigh Burke class destroyer is the first one in history.

The flypasts of the Russian bombers are yet another symptom of the Russian deterrence activities, targeted against the Baltic states. The incidents involving the Russians also include airspace violations regarding the airspaces of Sweden or of the Baltic Republics. Several days ago, USS Donald Cook visited the port of Gdynia. The ship is equipped with the Aegis BMD system. Thus, it is capable of using the SM-2 anti-aircraft and SM-3 Block IA and IB missile defence effectors, as well as Tomahawk cruise missiles, VL ASROC Anti-Submarine ROCkets, or Harpoon anti-ship missiles.