Armed Forces

Russian Ministry of Defence Looks For New Soldiers In The Crimean Peninsula

Russian Ministry of Defence is currently signing military service contracts with the citizens of Crimea.

At the moment 936 agreements have been concluded, however the recruitment process is still going on and it is planned to get more persons into the military service. Krym-Inform agency provided a report about the process, quoting the HR bureau director, Col. Viktor Horemykin.

The number of soldiers to be drafted is significantly larger than it was initially planned. According to a decree issued by Vladimir Putin, the military servicemen living within the territorry of the Crimean Peninsula are going to get the same benefits that the Russian soldiers have. Additionally, years of service of these soldiers would be calculated, they would also get the military service-related entitlements.

According to, among other sources, Andrzej Wilk who works for the Centre for Eastern Studies, current salary conditions in the Russian Armed Forces are relatively good – as Wilk stated in his interview for, salaries in the military are significantly higher now, in comparison with the period when the peninsula was controlled by Kiev. This is a standard strategy adopted by Kremlin, the aim of which is to reinforce the structural integrity of the armed forces.

The recruitment process in Crimea also enhances the Russian military presence in the region. Reinforcing the forces stationed within the peninsula is one of the priority tasks for the Russian Federation.