Armed Forces

Russians Train a 50-Thousand Strong Army In The Donbass Area

Such information was presented by the deputy chief of the Ukrainian President’s Administration, Andriy Taranov.

According to Taranov, and to the information obtained by the Ukrainian Intelligence services, a number of Russian specialists and officers is currently involved in the process of preparing so called “militias of the people’s republics”. The training operations are being carried out within the areas located outside the Kiev’s jurisdiction, and supposedly they involve 50 thousand people.

According to the Taranov’s statements made on Friday, 1st May: “according to the information we have, a 50-thousand strong deployment of armed infantry is present within the territories beyond our control. They are being formed into military units and trained by the Russian specialists”.

When asked, whether the Ukrainian government is in possession of proper measures and capabilities in order to defend itself from such Army, Taranov stated that both within the scope of technology, as well as in the quantitative dimension, the Ukrainian Armed Forces would be capable of facing the challenge. Andriy Taranov also stated that “all of the four waves of mobilization, along with the fifth one, carried out at the moment, ensure the security of the country. A great number of those who were serving in the Army, fighting during the war, as the volunteers, is still ready to fight”. Taranov added that the Ukrainian Army will not “allow the Grad rocket launchers to pose a threat to the civilians”