Servicing and Logistics Centre for Leopard MBTs Established in Poznan

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A maintenance and logistics centre for the Leopard 2 MBTs has been opened in Poznan; WZM S.A. and PGZ Group are going to ensure continuity of activities within the scope of permanently meeting the requirements of the Polish military in the key segment of the armoured assets.

Yesterday the first Polish maintenance and logistics support centre for the Leopard MBTs was opened in Poznan. The facility has been established at the WZM S.A. company belonging to the PGZ Group. Its key purpose would be to meet the needs that the Polish military has in all domains required to maintain full technical availability of the Leopard 2A5 main battle tanks.

The opening ceremony involved, among others, Vice-President at PGZ S.A., Sebastian Chwiałek; Elżbieta Wawrzynkiewicz, President of the Management Board at the WZM S.A. facility; MP Michał Jach, Chairman of the Polish Parliamentary National Defence Committee; Wielkopolska voivode, Zbigniew Hoffman and MPs working as the members of the Parliamentary National Defence Committee. Head of the MoD, Mariusz Blaszczak, was represented by Col. Grzegorz Skorupski.

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Not only is the opening of the logistics and maintenance centre is an important stage in development of the WZM S.A. facility itself, but it has a decisive relevance within the scope of reinforcement of the potential of the whole PGZ Group in the area of armoured assets and MBT maintenance. The above applies to the tanks and vehicles operated by the Polish military. As stressed by the WZM S.A. representatives, the new facility is also a business undertaking that showcases the collaboration between the WZM S.A. facility and its foreign partners.

Leopard 2 main battle tanks constitute a relevant part of the equipment the Polish Army operates, and a Maintenance-Logistics Centre is one of the elements that is to broaden the Polish capabilities within the scope of modernizing and maintaining the assets in question. The know-how and expertise acquired within the framework of work undertaken by the Centre are going to be used in the future armour projects of ours, on which the PGZ Group is working right now.

Sebastian Chwałek, Vice-President of the Management Board, PGZ S.A.

 WZM is also going to make use of a new hall, dedicated for tank maintenance and equipped with the state of art, specialist infrastructure. The facility would also include a Powerpacks Centre, Authorized Servicing Centre, Buffer Stock (for spares and larger components) and Specialists Training Facility ensuring a continuity of activities within the scope of permanently meeting the demands of the Polish Armed Forces.

The event today is a crowning of many months of effort and involvement of the WZM S.A. and PGZ S.A. staff and of our foreign partners. Jointly we have managed to develop a solution that is going to, in a tangible manner, translate into development of our company and of the Group as a whole. Thank you, and I wish us many successes as spectacular as this one.

Elżbieta Wawrzynkiewicz, President of the Management Board at the WZM S.A. company

 It shall also be recalled that PGZ, following the rule of optimizing the use of its assets and meeting the requirements of the Polish military, divides its product competency without breaching the rule of equal treatment for the companies of the Group. Leopard 2A5 tanks and powerpacks for the Leopard 2A4/2PL and 2A5 main battle tanks are placed within the expertise of the Poznan-based WZM S.A. facility. Meanwhile, ZM Bumar-Łabędy S.A. facility is responsible for the Leopard 2A4/2PL main battle tanks.