Simulator for the “Chemical” Rosomak and BRDM Vehicles Crew Training

Image Credit: 17th 'Wielkopolska' Mechanized Division
Image Credit: 17th 'Wielkopolska' Mechanized Division

The Polish Army is going to acquire a remotely controlled nuclear and chemical contamination simulation system. The suite is to be utilized as a training aid for the soldiers who operate the BRDM-2RS vehicles already used by the Polish Army, however, ultimately, the system is also going to be used in conjunction with the newly procured Rosomak RSK APCs.

The Armament Inspectorate of the Polish Ministry of Defence has published information, concerning the intention of acquiring the data, needed to prepare proper requirements related to the procurement procedure that would result in acquisition of a remotely controlled chemical and radioactive contamination simulator. The goal of carrying out the task, that is being implemented by the Armament Inspectorate, is to obtain the information and data, which would make it possible to determine whether the equipment readily available on the market meets the requirements of the Army. Moreover, the organ is also willing to properly estimate the cost of delivery and assess the compliance with the relevant standards and norms.

Such procedure will make it possible to diminish the risk related to the process of acquiring and, above all, operating the equipment, which would emerge on the grounds of improper definition of needs.

The potential contractors must notify the Armament Inspectorate about their willingness to be involved in the talks also submitting the documents required before 22nd May 2017. The preliminarily planned deadline on which the technical dialogue is to end is defined as 11th August 2017. However, the said term may be a subject to further extension.  

The technical dialogue, besides the special team of the Armament Inspectorate, is also going to involve the representatives of the departments of the MoD that would be then engaged at the stage, at which the task would be implemented.

The Remote Control Simulator of Chemical and Radioactive Contamination (SSPChem) is to be fitted with all of the mechanical, electrical and IT systems required to be operated in sync with the BRDM-2RS and the Rosomak RSK platforms. The system is to include elements as follows:

  • One instructor module, the purpose of which would be to plan the training scenarios and remotely transfer the simulated reconnaissance data to the receiver modules;
  • Four receiver modules that would simulate the operation of the onboard contamination detection systems;
  • Technical documentation;
  • Replaceable power sources;
  • Panels and displays for the reconnaissance and observation systems and their instruments;
  • Other equipment required by the operational conditions.

The basic requirements for the SPChem system include simulation, with the use of the receiver module, of realistic appearance and functions of the observation system and of the reconnaissance suite that would be used to detect chemical and radiation contamination, onboard the BRDM-2RS and Rosomak RSK APC platforms.

Among other features, the system is to be capable of simulating detection of the contamination by the DPO radiometer, carried out with the use of the portable AP4C system, and visualizing the detection results with the use of the onboard contamination signalling system. Moreover, the suite should also be capable of defining the parameters of nuclear strikes – in case of both ground as well as airborne explosions – on the basis of the visual information obtained with the use of vehicle-embedded systems, automatically downloading time and data concerning the vehicle positions, with the use of a GPS receiver. Finally, the simulator is to provide visualization and tracking of the training scenarios, within the module used by the instructor.

The Rosomak RSK platform is currently being acquired for the Polish Armed Forces within the framework of a separate procedure. Same applies to an automatic contamination detector.