Stalowa Wola Howitzers In The Danish Tender

  • Start pocisku LGM-30G Minuteman III. Fot. Joe Davila/U.S. Air Force
    Start pocisku LGM-30G Minuteman III. Fot. Joe Davila/U.S. Air Force

Polish Huta Stalowa Wola [Stalowa Wola Ironworks] company is participating in a tender related to procurement of a self-propelled howitzer system, announced by the Danish Army. Most probably, the Polish entity offers the Krab-type artillery system.

Ministry of Defence of Denmark announced that, initially, five potential contractors were qualified to take part in the procedure, the goal of which is to select a new 155 mm artillery system. Huta Stalowa Wola is among the said group of the potential contractors. Most probably, the company is offering the Krab self-propelled howitzer, since the Kryl system is still within the test phase of development.

The tendering procedure in question involves offers made by the following companies: BAE Systems Land & Armaments with a seat in the USA (probably offering the modernized M109A6/A7 howitzer), Elbit Systems (plausibly offering the ATMOS 2000 system), Nexter Systems (Caesar), and Hanwha Techwin from South Korea, offering the K9 howitzer, the chassis of which is used in case of the Polish Krab system.

This is yet another attempt made by the Danish authorities, the goal of which is to procure self-propelled howitzers. The previous tender was cancelled between April and May 2015. Three of the wheeled-chassis platforms were selected for the final phase of the said procurement proceedings: Swedish Archer, Israeli Atmos 2000 and Caesar. Polish Krab and German PzH 2000 cannons were rejected. Nonetheless, at the end of the last year ultimate decisions were taken, regarding the funding of the programme. Up until now, it was considered that the Archer howitzers, that were to be delivered to Norway first, were to be chosen, once Oslo stepped away from the programme. However, it was ultimately decided that a tender would be carried out.

The newly-acquired howitzers are expected to replace the obsolete M109A3 track-chassis systems that are being used by the Danish Army now. The previous tender procedure led to a situation in which wheeled platforms reached the final stage of procurement. The Danish government wants to acquire from 9 to 21 new howitzers.