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Stryker APC’s Involved in a Joint Tactical Exercise in Poland

  • Fot. USchick/ BY-SA 3.0
    Fot. USchick/ BY-SA 3.0

American and Polish soldiers from the elements equipped with the APC’s have been involved in the first joint tactical exercise – as 12th Mechanized Brigade reports.

Drawsko firing range became a theatre for an exercise, aim of which was to train defensive operations tactics. The exercise involved the soldiers from the 1st Battalion of the 12th Mechanized Brigade, in a number equivalent to two Companies of Mechanized Infantry, supported by a platoon of US Cavalry.

According to the information released by the 12th Mechanized Brigade, the Polish elements were tasked with defending two indicated areas, while the US soldiers were to, according to the orders of the battalion commander, Lt. Col.  Mariusz Ostapiak, move into the area and take over the firing line located in front of the front line formed by the Polish elements.

These activities aim to enhance cooperation and coordination of the operations at the moment when the US platoon goes through the elements which assumed the defensive stance, and when the US unit assumes the indicated position, and when the US unit withdraws its forces through the line formed by the allies.

- as it has been clarified by major Puchała.

Another important element of the training, within the tactical exercise conducted on Wednesday, was to drill the radio communication procedures, according to the NATO norms, and to check whether the commanders react accordingly, in the light of the changing tactical situation.

After the commanders of the elements have received the combat orders and after the cooperation at the individual stages of the exercise has been discussed, all of the elements reported their readiness to move. Platoons of the 1st Company of the 1st Legions Battalion, commanded by cpt. Grzegorz Piotrowski, were the first to get moving. Soldiers under the command of cpt. Maciej Jóźwiak were the next element, and the US Forces came last, trying to go through two Polish elements without any collisions in their Stryker APC’s, taking the control over the area, which was the furthest up front.

“Each of the element commanders understood, and properly performed the tasks which have been set” - as it was assessed by major Piotr Puchała, who coordinated the tactical dimension of the operation. Next stage of the joint exercise – withdrawal of the elements from the fight – has also been completed successfully.