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Taking a new direction in Polish Energy Policy


„The energy sector should rely on the country’s own raw materials and technological resources and at the same time support the country’s overall economic and industrial policy”, writes Piotr Naimski, the Secretary of State in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and Special Plenipotentiary to the Polish Government for the Strategic Energy Infrastructure in the Warsaw Institute Review.

Polish ambitious economic plans involve forming a new energy policy. This process requires to define challenges for the prospective changes. According to Piotr Naimski while analyzing all the difficulties it is vital to consider the investment direction decisive for the future structure of energy production in Poland. „ (…) when deciding on the construction of new power plants, account should be taken of their impact on the functioning of the National Electric Energy System and on the economic effectiveness of different change scenarios in the market environment, in particular on fuel costs and CO2 emissions”, claims Naimski.

Apart from pointing the challenges one must characterize conditions necessary for the successful transformation such as stabilization of regulations covering the energy sector, formulation and development of modern coal technologies and coordinating mechanisms with the European Union to reduce the costs and risks of the development of modern, conventional energy and to obtain financing for new investments in conventional generators.

We need to provide financing for new investments in the power sector, including by introducing the power market and by the establishment of reasonable rules for the cooperation of energy and gas system operators with neighbors in the region, which does not undermine the sovereignty of the Polish state in this regard.

Piotr Naimski, the special plenipotentiary of the Polish government for the critical infrastructure

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