JASMINE System with Air Platforms Support

TELDAT company showcased its integrated JASMINE systems’ system during this year’s edition of the Air Fair event in Bydgoszcz, including the JASMINE’s command support system (SWD C3IS JASMINE). The main component/system of the aforesaid solution - HMS C3IS JASMINE (Battle Management System for a Military Component, for Corps, Division, Brigade and Regiment) is broadly applied and utilized by the Polish military.

Acting as a so called systems’ system, JASMINE covers all of the dimensions of the command automation process becoming a modern asset for the military. JASMINE is securing the communications with the use of the latest technologies. The system’s designers are continuously expanding its capacity, meeting the new interoperability standards and embedding new functions and services within its structure. The manufacturer also ensures JASMINE’s ability to be used in secure networks which has also been confirmed through NATO verification that took place in February and March this year.

Considering the aviation-focused profile of the Air Fair event, TELDAT placed the main emphasis on commanding, visualizing, managing and coordinating air operations. Within that scope, the main product presented was the aforesaid SWD C3IS JASMINE solution including its component dedicated for JTACs, known as JFSS JASMINE.

JTAC at the TELDAT's booth. Image Credit: TELDAT

JFSS JASMINE is a complex automated datalink connecting the target designating soldiers/soldier and fire assets. It may be used, for instance, by the artillery observers. As TELDAT notes, introduction of the aforesaid system may significantly increase the targeting precision, when compared to the solutions that have been in use so far. SWD C3IS JASMINE may also be fused with Virtual Battlespace 3 simulation system that could be used to train soldiers to work with air platforms and other fire support assets in a manner that is virtually costless.

The Air Fair event has also been used as an opportunity to showcase the SWD C3IS JASMINE’s ability to be integrated with a small commercial UAV that would provide the user with continuously rendered imagery of the crisis affected areas, for instance in natural disaster scenarios. The system, in this application, could turn out to be useful for a number of rescue services. TELDAT also presented the CID JASMINE combat identification system that, back in 2018, was recommended by NATO for operational use. As an integrator solution, the system greatly improves the level at which own and allied objects are identified, also enhancing the efficiency of data exchange processes in that domain.

Meanwhile JASMINE ZWT integrated ICT nodes, also presented during the event, are already being operated by the Polish military.

C3IS JAŚMIN. Image Credit: Maciej Szopa / Defence24

 The aforesaid SWD C3IS JASMINE solution that is also the main programme component of the JASMINE system’s system has been awarded with the AIR FAIR distinction. This is yet another distinction given to that solution that recently received NATO recommendation also becoming an item on the AFPL (Approved Field Product List) passing the NATO MTRS tests and receiving the MSPO 2018 Defender award at the same time.

Maciej Szopa

Integration within the onboard systems. Image Credit: Maciej Szopa / Defence24