MSPO 2018: ICEYE Showcases its Offer. Potential for the Army and Industrial Cooperation

Image Credit: Paweł Ziemnicki/
Image Credit: Paweł Ziemnicki/

The ICEYE company, during the MSPO 2018 event held in Kielce, has showcased a 1:1 scale model of the ICEYE-X1 satellite. The product attracted significant interest, also among the potential foreign customers. Not only was the company’s management trying to gain interest among the civil entities, as the presentation was also addressed to the military.

A 1:1 scale model of an EO micro-satellite has been hung over the ICEYE’s stand in Kielce. The model featured a set of deployed antennas of the SAR sensor. Other elements, included in the satellite’s internal architecture, such as the radar control systems and signal processing units were also visible. These are already being programmed for the first and subsequent satellites by a FPGA group working at the Warsaw branch of the company.

The presence of the leading representatives of the Polish space sector offered an opportunity to talk about potential cooperation. It is good to see that the sector is under development in Poland, that these companies want to work together. We had several really interesting talks and we see a potential for cooperation that could be established between ICEYE and the Polish space sector.

Robert Wagemann, ICEYE member of the Board and Financial Director

Several representatives of foreign companies also appeared and visited ICEYE during the MSPO exhibition. The ICEYE’s stand was visited by representatives of private and state entities from Saudi Arabia, Romania and Sweden.

It seems, at the same, that the ICEYE’s offer enjoyed more of foreign than domestic interest, in the military domain. “The most modern defence solutions are information-based. One needs to know both towards where the potential military action shall be directed, and also one needs to be in possession of full knowledge of what is happening in the nearest neighbourhood.” – says the ICEYE’s Financial Director.

“The awareness of potential applications that the SAR technology could have is higher, outside the Polish boundaries. It would be good to raise and construct awareness as such also in Poland, especially among the decisionmakers”, Wagemann added.

In one of the Kielce exhibition halls, the ICEYE’s has been placed alongside the stand of the Creotech Instruments company. The Polish-Finnish SAR EO satellite that is a fruit of collaboration established between the two companies would be launched into space by the end of this year.

The exhibition in Kielce has a very serious, international profile, which is evident. The event has been visited by representatives of the Armed Forces from all around the world. This gives us a chance to present our abilities to a wide audience. For us this is a key matter, thus we are going to appear at the MSPO exhibition annually from now on.

Witold Witkowicz, Member of the Management Board, Managing Director at ICEYE

 Article written in collaboration with ICEYE