Northrop Grumman: We see Poland as the world leader in the acquisition of the IBCS and IAMD [Defence24 TV]

“So Poland is acquiring the most modern, state of the art system, for Integrated Air and Missile Defence in the world. We see Poland as the world leader in the acquisition of the IBCS and IAMD” – as Tarik M. Reyes, Vice President, Missile Defense & Protective Systems Division, Northrop Grumman told Defence24 TV.

In Phase I, Poland will receive the full capability of the IBCS. In Phase II, Poland will begin to integrate other sensors, like the Polish indigenous sensors that are developed here in the country” – said the representative of the US company during the ceremony of the signature of the contract for Wisła system for the Polish Armed Forces.

Tarik M. Reyes added that the “Polish Industry will receive offset as far as training and education and development, around IAMD, as a whole so IBCS will be included as a part of that training, that technology transfer. And a lot of countries will follow soon, as I said, Poland is the leader around modern, modernized Integrated Air and Missile Defence”.

IBCS, developed and manufactured by Northrop Grumman, is introducing the entirely new architecture of the Patriot air defence system, allowing to operate in the net-centric environment. IBCS makes it possible to add new elements (radars and missiles of different types) to the system. So, the architecture allows to integrate a radar from different manufacturer, or new types of launchers.