PIT-RADWAR Delivers “Wierzba” Command System to the Polish Land Forces

The Armament Inspectorate announced that PIT RADWAR S.A. company belonging to the PGZ Group has submitted, as the only entity willing to do so, a request to be involved in the procedure, the goal of which would be to deliver the Integrated Automated Command System to the Polish Land Forces. The said system is also known as “Wierzba”. 

The spokesman for the Armament Inspectorate of the Polish MoD told us that “PIT-RADWAR S.A has submitted a request to be included in the procurement procedure related to the Integrated Automated Command System for the Land Forces, also known as “Wierzba”.

The submission made by a single entity is a result of the current policy pursued by the Polish MoD. Not only was it decided by the Ministry that the procurement in question would follow the “basic security interest” path (with exclusion of the Public Procurement Law), but arrangements were also made allowing solely the Polish state entities to participate.

Private entities cannot be involved as separate contractors, even if they are listed as companies that bear a special relevance for the state in the dimensions of economy and security (in line with the Resolution issued by the Council of Ministers on 3rd November 2015, on the issue of a list indicating the companies that bear a special meaning for the Polish defence and economy). 

As PIT-RADWAR S.A. company has been qualified as the sole contractor, the company got invited to start negotiation immediately afterwards. Let us recall the fact that the agreement shall be finalized within 36 months from the date of conclusion, which means that the new Integrated Automated Command System for the Land Forces would be introduced no sooner than at the beginning of 2021.