Poland’s Involvement in Jupiter Research. Astri Polska Delivers Its Products to ESA.

Image Credit: NASA
Image Credit: NASA

Astri Polska has delivered another system for the ESA’s mission, the goal of which would be to conduct research concerning the Jupiter and its icy moons. The system in question will play a relevant role in the mission, and it is the most technologically advanced product developed by the Warsaw-based company. During the upcoming year, Astri Polska plans to drive its expansion on the European space market even further.

JUICE (JUpiter ICy moons Explorer) is a mission undertaken by ESA, aimed at researching the Jupiter and its three icy moons. The probe is expected and planned to be launched in 2022. The system delivered by Astri Polska will be connected to the probe, making it possible to test the probe’s electronics, before it is finally launched. This is an important stage of any space programme, as once the mission begins the engineers have no option of modifying the system placed in the outer space. Ultimately, the Warsaw-based company will transfer one more device of this kind for the purposes of the JUICE mission, that is to make it possible to test the software of the onboard computer of the probe.

Transferring the system for the JUICE mission is an important event for Astri Polska. We are happy that our product has met the rigorous requirements and that it is going to play a relevant role in the flagship programme pursued by ESA. It shall be stressed that, technically, the JUICE mission-destined system is the most advanced of all products that we have, so far, delivered within the framework of the European space programmes.

Iuliia Strotska, Business Development Manager at Astri Polska

Astri Polska has become a leader of the Polish space sector, when it comes to industrial cooperation with ESA, and only during this year the company is to deliver 8 readymade products for the agency. These will include electronics for weather satellites and telecommunication satellites, test environments for GNSS satellite navigation receivers, destined for space applications.

During the upcoming year, the company plans to further increase its involvement in the ESA projects. For that purpose, Astri is going to offer an original concept of satellite testing platform to ESA:

“Developing a modular satellite testing system will be another milestone for Astri Polska. We assume that, thanks to its universal profile, we will be able to diminish the cost related to implementation of the space programmes, which will give us a major competitive advantage in that domain,” said Iuliia Strotska.

Astri Polska specializes in design and manufacturing of systems for the leading European space programmes. The company also designs dedicated services and applications, based around the data provided by satellites. Since it has been founded in 2010, Astri Polska has participated in around 50 projects,. all related to development of space and satellite technologies. At the moment Astri Polska is working on around 20 space sector projects, mostly implemented within the framework of ESA-driven programmes. The company currently employs 80 Polish engineers.

August Żywczyk

Source: Astri Polska