Will the Polish Simulators Conquer the US?

7 stycznia 2019, 12:19
Image Credit: Autocomp Management

Szczecin-based Autocomp Management Sp. z o.o company is going to return to the Orlando-held I/ITSEC exhibition this year, with an intention to present its offer. The representatives of the company announced that their debut, back in 2017, resulted in signing of a contract with an American partner, with regards to activities intended to be undertaken overseas. Products covered by the aforesaid agreement have already been delivered.

Autocomp Management Sp. z o.o took part in the I/ITSEC event again last year. The representatives of the company place an emphasis on the fact that their last attendance at the event, towards the end of 2017, had made it possible to extend their business network. Back then, innovative simulators, firearm optics (including ones for sniper rifles) or shooting simulator optics showcased all had enjoyed a lot of interest. Thanks to the above the company had been able to conclude an agreement with an American customer, with regards to delivery of numerous optical systems; the contract has been already finalized.

Back in 2018 the event took place between 26th and 30th November. When compared to the previous edition, the company’s booth was placed among the leaders of the global defence market, including Saab, Elbit, Rheinmetall Defence Electronics or KMW.  Autocomp-Management Sp. z o. o. has, developed the TTT (Table-Top Trainer) simulators jointly with KMW. Their purpose is to carry out complex training for the crews of APCs and MBTs (Leopard 1 and Leopard 2). Leopard MBTs are operated by numerous European armies, including the armed forces of Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Greece.

TTT Simulator for Rosomak APCs. Image Credit: Autocomp Management. 

 Training and simulator systems developed jointly with KMW for the Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks or “Fennek” vehicles were also presented in the US. The Leopard simulators are used, for instance, by the Norwegian military.

TTT systems for a variety of Leopard MBTs. Image Credit: Autocomp Management.

 Among the products presented by the company based in Szczecin, modern solutions in the domain of military and civil simulation system and new optics could have been found. During the event, Śnieżnik combat training support system was also demonstrated, expanded with a complex battlefield simulation system that turned out to be particularly interesting for the foreign customers.

Autocomp Management’s booth during the I/ITSEC 2018 event. Image Credit: Autocomp Management.

Furthermore, simulators of APCs were also showcased, including one for the drivers, as well as a combat compartment simulator for the commander and the gunner. The latter solution may be connected to the former, forming a complex and joint system. The simulator in question is used for the purpose of gunnery and tactical training. It is also utilized for the purpose of enhancing the commander skills, within the framework of battle management and using the fire support assets, from the squad level, through platoon, company, up to the battalion level. The whole package is integrated within the Śnieżnik common environment, forming a virtual 3D battlespace.

Autocomp Management’s booth during the I/ITSEC 2018 event. Image Credit: Autocomp Management.

Materials and data related to the Autocomp’s civil market portfolio were also presented in Orlando, including train or truck simulators, or simulators of high mobility vehicles commonly operated by numerous European armies.

Image: Autocomp Management

Numerous technologies and solutions showcased during the I/ITSEC 2018 event have already been implemented and are being used in simulators delivered to domestic and foreign customers. The representatives of the Autocomp Management Sp. z o.o company note that demonstrating their products during the largest simulation-focused event in the US makes it possible to further extend and expand the company’s presence on the foreign markets, including the demanding US marketplace. 

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