Armed Forces

The United States Will Fund Equipment Purchases And Training For The Ukrainian Army

The United States will allocate USD 120 million in order to realize a training programme for the Ukrainian soldiers, along with a programme purchases of armament for Ukraine.

Geoffrey Payatt, US Ambassador in Ukraine stated this fact in his interview for the Ukrainian “Inter” TV station. According to Payatt, the money will be allocated to train the soldiers and procure equipment for them – but not the lethal weapons.

Pyatt stated that the US Congress has already agreed to allocate USD 120 millions for training and equipment purchases for the Ukrainian army, decision, whether this equipment would include lethal defensive weapons is still being discussed. When it comes to lethal weapons, the situation, according to Pyatt, remains unclear.

Pyatt stated that delivering weapons for Ukraine is not as important as implementation of relevant security reforms. He also noted the proof of Russian involvement in Donbass area, which is evidenced by the presence of the Russian soldiers, equipment and weaponry. Russia is also regularly sending supplies for the terrorists. Geoffrey Payatt also considered the Russians to be the initiator and the main reason for escalation of the conflict.