Thermal Vision Live Fire Training - Anakonda 16 Exercise

  • Image Credit: st. chor. Adam ROIK/Combat Camera DO SZ Photo Journalist Team
    Image Credit: st. chor. Adam ROIK/Combat Camera DO SZ Photo Journalist Team

RUFUS company from Poland is going to delivertraining aids for the Polish Army, coming in a form of targets simulating the thermal signature of the threats, which are to be received by the Żagań Land Forces Field Training Centre. The equipment is expected to be used during the Anakonda-16 exercise. The value of the contract is said to be close to an amount of PLN one million.

43rd Military Economic Element, operating under the jurisdiction of the 4th Regional Logistics Base, announced selection of the company expected to deliver thermal targets for the Anakonda-16 exercise. The said company has been selected within the framework of a tender announced in February 2016. The contract, the value of which is contained in an amount of PLN 932,932.86, has been awarded to the Zakłady Mechaniczne RUFUS Grzegorz Wilk i Wspólnicy Sp. J. company, based in Dębica.

The thermal targets come in a form of a heating overlay for the regular combat target silhouettes. They are used to train soldiers in detection, recognition and destruction on targets with the use of thermal vision and FLIR devices, during the course of tactical exercises, and machine gun- and cannon-related live fire training, also with application of the onboard weaponry of the combat vehicles. The device constitutes an integral part of the target, and it is applied in a form of a heating overlay, onto the same type of target. It is usually designed in a way which limits its size, simultaneously making it possible to send the infra-red radiation towards the observer.

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According to the specification presented within the tender, the targets shall be compliant with the target lifting device, power supply systems and other devices applied within the firing ranges, utilizing 24V/10A power supply outlets. Alternatively, the thermal figures utilized within the tactical training ranges should be tailored to use 12V batteries. The heating elements, and the way in which they are connected, shall be located with the use of a method which would make it possible, should the element be hit, or should the power supply be hit, for the figure to retain its function and remain recognizable, with the application of a thermal vision camera.

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