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Ukraine Reinforces Its Border With Russia


A set of solutions is being prepared by the Ukrainians, the aim of which is to secure the Ukrainian border with Russia. The areas adjacent to the zone where the counter-terrorist operation is being carried out are also going to have a raised level of protection.

Ukrainian Ukroboronprom company acting within the area of aerospace and defence  released information on 17th April, according to which it has created a complex defence system for the Ukrainian border.  Results of the works undertaken by the aforementioned company have  been transferred to the Ukrainian Border Service.

According to the official release made by Ukrobronprom: “The key objectives of the new system are: inability to enter for certain individuals, non-stop monitoring of the state border strip, early detection and notification of the aerial flying machines as well as their destruction. Most importantly, new system allows saving people’s lives. That is why the new draft places high-tech automated systems of protection on the forefront. All combat units will be equipped with a circular vision and will have remote control.”.

The project also involved, during the preparation phase, other Ukrainian companies, including the Chernihiv Plant of Radio Equipment (CHEZARA), the Leninska Kuznya facility and Ukrspetstechnika.

The above information has been released at practically simultaneously with the release related to the decision made by the Ukrainian government which has approved a new plan of initiatives related to engineering and technological solutions related to the Ukrainian-Russian border crossings. As it was stated on Friday, 17th April, by the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Danylo Lubkivsky, the plan is also related to the areas adjacent to the region where the counter-terrorist operation is being carried out and to the Crimean peninsula.

Ukrainian Border Service is to be the main subject which is going to implement the plan. On 3rd April this year the government transferred the initial amount of 10 million hryvnias to prepare the engineering side of the project, which is directly related to the engineering works to be conducted on the Russian border in the Kharkiv area. Before that, the council of ministers had made a decision to allocate 865 million hryvnias to the initiative of creating a security line near the border. The works are to be commenced in the Kharkiv,  Sumsk, Chernihiv and partialy the Lugansk district.