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Ukraine: The Separatists Still Offensive. They Are Preparing To Attack The City of Mariupol

  • Fot. DREAM Project/Facebook
    Fot. DREAM Project/Facebook

At Tuesday night, another series of Russian-Separatist attacks was reported. The offensive operations also involved the heavy artillery.

On Tuesday, 5th May, 6 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in total. Near Gorolovka an Ukrainian APC was ambushed, two persons were killed, four are wounded. Avdiyivka forces lost 4 soldiers from the 1st Battalion of the 95th Airborne Brigade due to the mine explosions. The escalation of incidents has been, yet again, confirmed by the OSCE.

Starting from 6PM until midnight, 42 incidents that breach the ceasefire agreement were noted on Tuesday. All were caused by the so called “people’s republics militias”. 152 mm artillery was used three times to shell the Ukrainians near Avdiyivka and two times near Shyrokine. What is more, when it comes to the latter location, 122 mm artillery shelling was reported to have happened twice, similar incidents were noted in Opytne and Vodyane.

The attacks with the use of 120 mortars, directed against the Ukrainians, took place near: Opytne, Sievierniy, Hratnitne, Pisky and Shyrokine. What is more, tanks were used in the   vicinity of Kirove. On the other hand, the Luhansk port became the main target for the separatists fighting in the Luhansk district. The forces stationed there were attacked mainly with the use of anti-aircraft guns, grenade launchers and machine guns.

According to the Ukrainian analyst, Dmytro Tymchuk, from the “Information resistance” group, a separatist strike group is being prepared near Mariupol. The group consists of 3 thousand soldiers, equipped with several infantry fighting vehicles and it is being deployed north of Novoazovsk. Equipment, weapon and human resources for the units are coming to the area through the town of Telmanove. Besides that, military groups tasked with flanking the Ukrainians are being prepared as well. These groups are to operate in the Svitlodarsk-Artiomovsk area. Finally, Makiyivka constitutes a node, through which military equipment is being delivered towards Gorlovka and Yenakiyevo. At the moment the supplies include 16 armoured vehicles, including the  MT-LB APC’s, 7 tanks and 2 Infantry Fighting Vehicles, along with an unspecified number of trucks.