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Ukrainian President Conducts A Test-Flight In The Modernized Su-27. “Tailored to the NATO Standards”

  • Centrum dowodzenia NORAD- fot. Dowództwo Sił Lotniczych USA
    Centrum dowodzenia NORAD- fot. Dowództwo Sił Lotniczych USA

Petro Poroshenko, the Ukrainian President, flew as a passenger in one of the two examples of the Su-27 fighter, in a modernized variant. The modernization works were carried out by the MiGremont facility in Zaporozhye. The jets have been tailored to cooperate with the NATO forces, and their operational capabilities have been greatly expanded. 

Poroshenko flew on the back seat of one of the Su-27UB jet fighters, handed off for the Ukrainian Air Force after an in-depth overhaul and modernization works, carried out at the Zaporozhye-based MiGremont facility.

The programme, the aim of which is to modernize the backbone of the Ukrainian Air Force, includes significant changes of avionics and digitalization of the communication systems, along with data saving and processing. The jet also receives a new mission computer. One of the most important elements of the programme is visible in the fact that the fighters have been tailored to the NATO standards. Additional customization allows the Ukrainian Su-27s to use civilian and Western airfields. The Ukrainian Flankers have been fitted with the standard VOR/DME and ILS/DME systems, making it possible to carry out navigation and landing at the civilian airports. The navigation system of the Ukrainian Flankers utilizes both GLONASS, as well as the GPS satellite signals. Moreover, the jet has been additionally fitted with a transponder compliant with the international ICAO standards.

Modernization of the armament included replacement of the transmitting-receiving module of the main radar which has supposedly expanded the radar range by 50% when it comes to detection of the airborne targets, while detection efficacy is 30% better. The radar is also more resistant to jamming. The new combat computer and targeting system also offer a 30% increase of precision of the unguided air to ground weaponry, including rockets, dumb bombs and the cannon.

On 15th October, the Ukrainian Air Force received two Su-27 fighters featuring the above-listed upgrades. Both come in a twin-seater variant. Besides the Flankers, “MiGremont” company is also carrying out a modernization programme related to the Ukrainian Su-25 attack aircraft. Scope of works is similar and it covers tailoring the jets to the civilian and NATO standards.