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Underwater Weapon Systems

  • Fot. SpaceX
  • GALIX Passive Self-Defence System used, e.g. in case of the Leclerc tank - Image Credit: M. Dura

photo: OBR CTM S.A.

The system of remotely and wireless fired charges (TOCZEK) was developed to counter sea mines. Charges type A and B are transported and positioned by remotely operated vehicles ASW or AUV. Charge type C is transported and located by divers. All types of charges are equipped with universal acoustic fuses. The fuses are equipped in a multi-level security system. The system possesses a device, which allows to test all fuse parameters.

photo: OBR CTM S.A.

Gauge for measuring temperature, depth, sound velocity in water during movement of the ship The gauge (DPS) is intended to measure the vertical distribution of the velocity of sound in water during movement of the ship, applied in systems for measurement of the parameters of the marine environment used to obtain information about the temperature, depth and the velocity of sound in water.

photo: OBR CTM S.A.

The MLM sweep is designed to counter sea mines with influence fuses, whose operation is dependent on the identification of a specific type of vessel, basing on the characteristic signature of physical fields of this vessel. The sweep consists of an acoustic generator, a set of elementary magnetic and electric field exciters connected by cable-ropes with each other and with on-board power supply and control and steering devices. The process of developing optimal operation parameters (vessels physical fields modelling program „OPTYMA Mod.”), as well as command and control of the operation of the sweep has been automated in a range that allows its full and easy handling from the level of the board interface of the control-steering device. The interface software contains all options of entering, determining and controlling characteristic parameters of mine-countermeasure actions – automatic determining the width of the trawl zones at different depths.

photo: OBR CTM S.A.

The PSA is an electronic underwater acoustic signalling device, designed to pass acoustic signals to submarines when acoustic contact between the submerged submarine and surface platform (helicopter) is lost. In addition the PSA device can be used to indicate the beginning/completion of episodes executed during joint exercises of submarines and ASW assets. Signals emitted by the PSA device conform with the requirements listed in the NATO Standardization Agency Publication “Allied submarine and antisubmarine exercise manual” [AXP1(D)(Navy)(Air)]. The standard of the execution of the PSA ensures deploying the device from ships and helicopters.

The SHL-101/T is a triple frequency wideband, high resolution hull mounted MCM sonar. It performs detection and classification bottom and anchor mines, including difficult detectable mines. It can be used in shallow and deep water in areas of strong layering as well as in the presence of interferences.

The Cathodic Protection, Monitoring and Electric Field Mitigation System (SOK) consists of the following elements:

-  Multisectoral Cathodic Protection and Electric Field Mitigation Station, which performs system control through automatic adjusting of the DC, is equipped with a measuring module to monitor and minimize the electric field of the ship;
-  Polarizing anodes used to supply power through electrolytic environment up to the protected object;
-  Control and steering electrodes used to measure the potential of the protected object to control the operation of the cathodic protection system;
- Reference electrode used for the system for minimization of the electric field;
-  Device short-circuiting the screw shaft used for electrical connection of drive shafts with the mass of the hull of the vessel.

The Cathodic Protection, Monitoring and Electric Field Mitigation System (SOK) performs two functions:

-  Active protection of the vessel from electrochemical corrosion;
-  Monitoring and minimizing of the electric field of the ship.