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US Dollar – One Of The Currencies Used By The Ukrainian Separatists

So called People’s Republic of Luhansk announced that, starting from Thursday, 26th February, it is going to use a multi-currency system. US Dollar is one of the currencies which is to be valid within the territory of Luhansk.

According to the leader of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Luhansk,  Ygor Plotnitski: “Due to the fact that Ukraine is not going to abolish the economic blockade [created as one of the measures against the areas controlled by the terrorists],  which has been one of the agreed conditions arranged in the memorandum, conditions in Ukraine got worse – any goods in the shops are vanishing from the shops. Considering all of the above, we have decided to adopt a multi-currency system in Luhansk”. 

Plotnitski stated that People’s Republic of Luhansk makes use of rubles, hryvnias, US dollars, and other currencies which may be useful.