V4 Battle Group Command In Cracow

  • Ilustracja: DARPA.
    Ilustracja: DARPA.
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Cracow Land Operations Centre – the command of the Polish Land Forces Component – was a location where opening of the European Union Strategic-Operational Command took place. The unit has been formed, in order to provide support for the V4 EU Battle Group turn, within the scope of the European rotation of responsibility.

The event, which took place on 18th November, involved the Deputy Chief of the Polish National Security Bureau, Jarosław Brysiewicz. Brysiewicz, during his speech, stated that creation of the command may be interpreted as a proof of effective realization of cooperation among the countries located within the region. This proof directly translates into reinforcement of the military capabilities of the countries involved in the initiative. Brysiewicz also noted that the event is an example of close cooperation of the V4 Group states. One of the most important elements of this cooperation is going to be seen in the act of delegating the forces of the V4 group member states, so that they are there to meet the requirements created by the command. Deputy Chief of the National Security Bureau stressed the fact that the above process is significant, both within the context of the current international situation, as well as in the light of the intensified threat for the Visegrad Group member states.

The command, involving Polish, Czech, Slovak and Hungarian Officers, located within the Cracow Land Operations Centre, which is also the Command of the Land Component, has been formed, in order to fulfil the tasks related to 6 months standby of the EU Visegrad Battlegroup. The period will begin in January 2016. The command has been opened by the Deputy Chief of the Polish National Security Bureau Jarosław Brysiewicz, Polish Ministry of Defence Undersecretary of State Bartłomiej Grabski, Operational Commander of the Armed Forces, General Marek Tomaszycki, Chief of the Armed Forces’ Support Inspectorate, General Edward Gruszka, Deputy Director of the EU General Military Staff, Vice-Admiral Waldemar Głuszko, and commander of the Land Operations Center, and commander of the Operational-Strategic Command, General Cezary Podlasinski PhD.

We should recall the fact that the Common Challenge 15 exercise is currently being carried out. Its aim is to verify the military component’s operational readiness. The training is being carried out in Cracow and Drawsko Pomorskie.

EU V4 Battle Group is the third military component involving the Polish soldiers, and the first component ever involving Poles in the command structures.

European Union Battle Groups have been created for the purpose of realizing humanitarian, pre-emptive and stabilization operations, including both peace-making, as well as peacekeeping deployments. The group must attain full operational readiness within the period of maximally 10 days from the moment when a decision is made to intervene. Soldiers may be deployed up to 6 thousand kilometres away from Brussels. According to the assumption, the group shall be capable of carrying out independent operations for 30 days, with an option of prolonging the aforesaid period up to 120 days.