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Verification Of The Caracal Helicopter In Powidz [PHOTOS]

  • Tomasz Stępień. Fot.
  • W-3 Sokół at the Zaporozhye-based Motor Sich facility. Image Credit: J.Sabak
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  • Photo: Staff Sgt. (res.) Abir Sultan/IDF/flickr
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Verification of the H225M/EC725 Caracal helicopter started at the Powidz 33rd Transport Aviation Base. The procedure constitutes the last stage of the tender, the aim of which is to acquire the multi-role helicopters for the Polish Army.

Caracal landed at the Powidz base on 12th May, however it was showcased in front of the journalist on 14th May – two  days later. What is more, members of the National Defence Commission were also to get acquainted with the new rotor-craft on that day.

The helicopter is going to undergo a test programme carried out by a special commission. The main aim of that programme is to check 32 parameters of the helicopter in two verification phases – on the ground and in the air. The test programme is planned to last for a month.

The commission is being led by Col. Adam Marciniak, working for the Armament Inspectorate of the Polish MoD. The remaining members include representatives of the General Staff, of the General Command and of the Armament Inspectorate, along with some other employees of the Ministry. In total, the group consists of 28 professionals. “The tests carried out so far confirm the compliance between the results and the parameters indicated within the offer” - as col. Marciniak said.

In order to maintain a proper level of transparency of the procedures, the group’s activities are being additionally monitored by the Military Counter-intelligence Services, Military Police and the Ministerial Anti-Corruption Procedures Bureau. “What is more, the social party is taking part in the procedure as an independent observer” - as the leader of the commission, Col. Adam Marciniak stated. Unofficial information obtained by us suggests that the persons in question are representing the Aviation Industry’s members of the Independent Self-governing Trade Union “Solidarity”.

Verification is divided into four, distinct areas: Joint Platform, Helicopter Structure, Performance and Onboard Equipment.

When it comes to the first area, the joint platform, contribution of the components of the helicopter and the following elements are going to be checked:

  • the fact that the helicopters come from a single manufacturer
  • the fact that the helicopter uses two engines
  • 50% level of part interchangeability

When it comes to the structure, the tests are going to cover the following fields:

  • interchangeability of fuels and greases
  • helicopter construction
  • helicopter gear
  • number of exits from the transport cabin
  • the fact, whether the helicopter has obtained the relevant certificates
  • the fact, whether the helicopter meets the international aviation norms

Within the field of performance, the following issues are going to be analysed:

  • altitude
  • range
  • speed
  • hovering abilities
  • transport capability
  • operational radius

Within the scope of the on-board equipment, the procedures are focused on the following issues:

  • night-flight capabilities
  • systems used for visual presentation of information and data collected by the sensors
  • monitoring of the technical status
  • any systems that may have an impact on flight safety and operational safety

The media demonstration was finished with a short flying display over the air base – it was not a part of the verification procedures, it constituted a part of the media presentation.

Ramzes Temczuk