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Visegrad Battle Group Involved in a Command Exercise

  • Ilustracja: ESA
    Ilustracja: ESA

Cracow Land Operations Centre of the Polish Land Forces Component Command currently hosts the Spring Challenge exercise which involves 130 soldiers from four countries of the Visegrad Group: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. The training is tied to the V4 EU Battle Group’s combat stand-by period.

The above mentioned exercise is scheduled to last until 12th May, and it constitutes the most important initiative undertaken within the 6 months-long stand-by of the EU Visegrad Battle Group. Starting from 1st January, until 30th June 2016, the EU OHQ, commanded by General Cezary Podlasinski, maintains readiness to command and control EU military operations within a radius of six thousand kilometres from Brussels.

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According to Major Justyna Bialik, the training which has begun today, involving the multinational personnel of the EU Operational Headquarters, is one of the key events of the rotation. Prior to the Spring Challenge exercise, the commanding staff which was trained in order to get ready for the six months stand by, involving the Visegrad Battle Group, participated in training during a number of planning events and workshops.

The training, which is to last until Thursday, constitutes a verification of capabilities and confirmation of readiness of the EU OHQ unit. The three days long exercise has been divided into two stages. According to the scenario, after a series of lectures, covering the operation of the OHQ, a practical stage is planned, during which the discussed exercise plan, verified during the last year edition of the OHQ exercise, is going to be implemented.