Will Poland Create a SAR Sattelite?

Polish Space Agency ordered the initial feasibility study to be performed, covering the potential creation of a satellite-based radar imaging system. The agreement within that scope has been signed with the PZL-“Warszawa-OKĘCIE” S.A. facility. This is the first step towards creation of a Polish radar imaging satellite. 

Polish Space Agency ordered an initial feasibility study, covering creation of a satellite-based radar imaging system. The relevant agreement has been concluded with PZL-“Warszawa-OKĘCIE” S.A. facility. The study in question would define the future users, along with the exact scope of application of a Synthetic Aperture Radar satellite. The study shall include a needs analysis pertaining the requirements that are defined for the Polish Armed Forces, security services and the economic administration.

Polish Space Agency had announced a competition, the aim of which would be to create the initial feasibility study covering the Satellite Radar Imaging System on 24th November 2015. The goal of the study would be to define whether the planned initiative is feasible, and to carry out an analysis of potential ways of realization. Initial final draft version is also going to be prepared. The initial feasibility study is to contain a variety of elements, including definition of possible technological solutions, schedule and budget required to implement the project, along with the recommendations, pertaining the potential contractors, that would be indicated both in Poland, as well as abroad. 

The agreement that is connected to development of the initial feasibility study related to the radar imaging satellite system was signed in presence of the President of the Polish Space Agency, Professor Marek Banaszkiewicz, and Vice-President for the Defence Matters, Lech Majewski, by and between the Director of the Military Satellite Technologies Department Mieczysław Lepionka and, on behalf of the PZL “Warszawa-OKĘCIE” S.A. facility, by the vice-President, Executive Director Władyslaw Sikorski and by a member of the board, Director for Infrastructure, Marek Kawecki.

Currently, according to the agreement between the Polish Ministry of Defence and its Italian counterpart, Poland acquires the SAR data from the Italian COSMO-SkyMed Seconda Generazione satellites. Moreover, a specialized satellite reconnaissance centre is being created in Poland at the moment. The said centre is going to include the elements of the system which is required to use the satellite reconnaissance data independently. The facility is to reach initial operational capabilities in 2017, while the full capability status is going to be achieved in 2020. 

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