WZŁ-1 Concludes Its Wisła Programme Offset Agreement

Image Credit: Raytheon
Image Credit: Raytheon

Raytheon Missiles & Defense, a division of Raytheon Technologies, has signed a subcontracting agreement with the Zegrze-based WZŁ-1 facility. The Polish entity in question is a part of the PGZ Group and PGZ-Wisła consortium. According to the contract, WZŁ-1 would be rendering support services for the Patriot air/missile defence system operated by the Polish Armed Forces, Raytheon announced.

The agreement could be potentially viewed as a breakthrough in the negotiation process between the PGZ Group and Raytheon when it comes to the offset matters related to the phase I of the Wisła programme. Due to a long-lasting deadlock, the relevant offset agreements could not have been signed for quite some time. If the parties manage to overcome this obstacle (and if it actually exists), the steps they will make may pave the way towards further progress in the Polish air defence efforts, namely the second phase of the Wisła programme and in the Narew programme.

WZŁ-1, based on the agreement signed, would equip the containers of the Patriot system with technical maintenance equipment. The Polish entity would also integrate the key components. Finally, WZŁ-1 would also be responsible for the final tests and verification of the final products. These processes would cover the batteries servicing centre, medium-level maintenance elements and small spares carrier. WZŁ-1 will be working closely with OBR CTM, a PGZ’s subsidiary that is also a part of the PGZ-Wisła consortium. The company would be responsible for designing the container’s interior. WZŁ-1 would also work with the Polish industrial partners tasked with delivering the maintenance containers (Pex Pool Plus generators) and semi-trailers (Demarko) that would accommodate the containers.

Shawn Rantas, Director of the Polish Patriot programme at Raytheon Missiles & Defence, said that WZŁ-1 and the remaining Polish industrial partners remain a valuable addition to the Patriot team who greatly contributed to the work progress, with the Wisła programme following the schedule. Rantas added that Raytheon is willing to establish partnerships with more Polish businesses to create further economic opportunities based on local know-how and technologies.

WZŁ-1 remains one of the nine partner-contractors actively involved in the implementation of contracts concluded with Raytheon Missiles & Defense, concerning the maintenance and manufacturing of the Patriot system components, as envisaged within the framework of the first phase of the “Wisła” programme.

Raytheon announced that, so far, the following agreements have been concluded, involving the Polish industry, within the framework of the Wisła-related FMS procedure:

  • Back in March 2020, Raytheon Missiles & Defense has signed an agreement with the Demarko company, on delivery of semi-trailers that are to accommodate the Patriot maintenance equipment containers. Demarko’s semi-trailer would accommodate PEX-POOL Plus container with the interior designed by OBR CTM S.A. The semi-trailer would be expected to meet strict requirements.
  • Back in March 2020, the WZŁ-1 facility (Military Communications Works) has signed an agreement with Raytheon Missiles & Defense, concerning the integration of the Patriot system maintenance containers. PEX-POOL would manufacture the containers, Demarko would deliver the semi-trailers, while OBR CTM S.A. would create the configuration of the former. The WZŁ-1 facility would be tasked with equipping the containers. Then the company would carry out integration and tests of the individual components for the sake of delivering containers ready to accommodate the Patriot system maintenance equipment.       
  • Back in November 2018 Raytheon Missiles & Defense signed an agreement with OBR CTM S.A., concerning the design services associated with special-purpose containers that could accommodate the Patriot system maintenance equipment. CTM would be designing the internal portion of the containers that would accommodate spares, tools and measuring/testing instruments required to carry out maintenance and servicing of the Patriot system in field conditions.
  • In June 2019, the WZE S.A. facility signed an agreement with Raytheon Missiles & Defense on manufacturing and integrating the DLTMs (Data Link Terminal Module) for the Wisła programme. DLTM is a key component of the M903 launcher that is the backbone of the Patriot system’s configuration. Thanks to the aforesaid agreement WZE would obtain the know-how required to manufacture and maintain electronics as such. The business itself has joined the group of certified contractors of the Raytheon Missiles & Defense company, within the framework of its global supply chain.
  • Back in 2019, the ZM Tarnów company signed an agreement with Raytheon Missiles and Defense on the manufacturing of linear and rotary actuators for the launchers. These key components of the M903 Patriot launchers would allow the launcher to move and make it possible to place the missiles in a proper position on the launcher’s semi-trailer.
  • Back in February 2019 HSW S.A. and Raytheon Missiles & Defense have concluded an agreement on the launch of the manufacturing and integration of the M903 launchers being one of the elements of the combat-proven Patriot system.
  • In November 2019 the Agregaty PEX-POOL PLUS company signed an agreement with Raytheon Missiles & Defense on designing, manufacturing and delivering operations containers and other technical maintenance components for the Patriot systems procured by Poland, within the framework of the Wisła programme. Thanks to the above, the aforesaid company has become a part of the group gathering the Raytheon Missiles & Defense certified suppliers.
  • In September 2014, Raytheon Missiles & Defense and TELDAT have launched cooperation within the scope of developing and manufacturing modern, military-grade routers for the Patriot system. TELDAT’s engineers and technicians are dealing with integration and qualification of routers, the key hardware component facilitating the network communications within the Patriot system. Back in 2015 and then, in 2019, Raytheon Missiles & Defense has placed a major order at Teldat, concerning the delivery of highly efficient routers for the new Patriot fire units.
  • Back in 2016 PIT-RADWAR has signed an agreement with Raytheon Missiles & Defense on manufacturing modern IFF antenna arrays for the Patriot systems. Meanwhile, Raytheon Missiles & Defense finalized the integration of the PIT-RADWAR’s IFF antenna array with the Patriot radar, to meet the needs of a foreign customer. This was done in collaboration with the Polish industry. Continuing the fruitful cooperation, Raytheon Missiles & Defense also awarded another IFF antennas manufacturing contract to the Polish company, regarding the antennas manufactured for the newly procured Polish, Swedish and Romanian Patriot systems.