WZMot Poznań will carry out the repairs of military engines

  • Ilustracja: ESA
    Ilustracja: ESA
  • Ilustracja: SENER Polska/ESA
    Ilustracja: SENER Polska/ESA

Contract between the Poznań based Wojskowe Zakłady Motoryzacyjne S.A. [Military Automotive Works] and German MTU company has been signed on the second day of the MSPO Defence Industry Fair in Kielce. The contract signed in attendance of the Ministry of Defence Secretary of State, Czesław Mroczek, will make it possible to create an Authorized Military Engines Repair Center in Poznan.

The contract has been signed by the President of WZM Poznan - Elżbieta Wawrzynkiewicz and representative of the MTU company. The document is related to granting 4 licenses for carrying out repairs of the MTU engines by the Poznan facility. It is an element of a bigger programme, which is related to the project, aim of which is to create a Military Engines Center in Poznan. The aim of the center is not only to repair the engines, but also to manufacture the engines for all of the Polish army vehicles.

In practical terms this means that more unification will be possible, which is very desirable in execution of the plan of modernization of the Polish armed forces. It is assummed that the new facility is to be polonised to a large extent, by using spare parts manufactured in Poland. It is a starting point in achieving the aim of manufacturing the complete engines in Poland. Polish Armed Forces use thousands of different vehicles, and it is a significant element that provides more independence.

Signing the contract with one of the biggest companies is Europe should be treated as evidence of the potential that is in the hands of the Poznan WZM facility.

At the beginning, the contract with UMT did not even mention the transfer of “know how” with regards to the parts manufacture, but nowadays we can show off with a portfolio of components manufactured in Poland. It happens because we have convinced UMT with our economy and quality. We have proven that production in Poland may be cheaper than in Germany, [...] which was very useful in Leopard maintenance programme. [...] Please note – no polonisation agreement was signed, and we've already started the process. - Elżbieta Wawrzynkiewicz, president of Poznan WZM stated.