ZM Tarnów Innovative Barrel Production Process

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ZM Tarnów facility, along with the Polish Metal Forming Institute based in Poznan, will receive almost 4 million zlotys in funding, within the framework of the “Inteligentny Rozwój” (Intelligent Development) operational programme, realized in collaboration with the European Union. The project, the aim of which is to develop an automatic method of straightening the firearm barrels, was highly ranked, among the top 15 initiatives recommended to be covered by the programme in question. The above project shall accelerate the manufacturing process and increase its precision.

At the moment, the straightening process is being carried out manually, with the use of a press. As a result of the programme which is planned to last for three years, it is expected that technology is going to be developed, making it possible to automate the straightening process, with the use of proper machinery. The project is going to be realized by the researchers of the Metal Forming Institute and by process-specialists, Quality Assurance specialists and press operators of the Tarnów Mechanical Works facility. The straightening operation is one of the most common procedures, realized in the process of producing the firearm barrels. Thus implementation of the project will, significantly, make the production process easier and quicker.

The project is expected to have a value of more than PLN 4.9 million. The funding is going to be received in an amount of more than PLN 3.94 million. This was possible thanks to the fact that the submission was assessed highly, and approved within the “Inteligentny Rozwój” [Intelligent Development] operational programme, for the period between 2014 and 2020. The submission, placed within the framework of a competition for funding of research and development works, was ranked second, within the territory of Poland.

The National Centre for Research and Development, once the formal requirements were verified, forwarded 135 out of 140 submissions for further assessment. Next, points were being granted by independent experts, providing their opinions regarding the proposals within the scope of research and technology, and within the categories of economy and business. 53 submissions were qualified for substantial assessment, carried out by a panel of experts. As a result, 15 projects were recommended for further funding, including the above-described ZM Tarnów automated gun-barrel straightening initiative.

It is worth to add that ZM Tarnów facility also placed another submission within the framework of the Intelligent Development programme. The project assumed development of innovative steel alloy with a special structure, that would be used to create a light armoured observation container. However, this project did not receive enough points to be qualified for further funding.