ZM Tarnów Receives “The Most Innovative Company” Award

Tarnów Mechanical Works (Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów) company has received the “The Most Innovative Company” award from “Rzeczpospolita Daily” and the Ministry of Economy. The award is related to the scale of investment, when it comes to the newly established Research and Development Centre.

Creating a Research and Development facility at the ZM Tarnów plant has been co-financed by the European Union, within the scope of the “Innovative Economy” operational programme. The company has invested an amount exceeding PLN 60 million, in order to increase its research potential.

At the same time, the Tarnów-based facility also started an initiative, the aim of which is to raise the qualifications of the employees. As a result of the above, ZM Tarnów has created a team of engineers who posses a high level of qualifications within the area of programming, control, mechatronics and electronics. The company has created new design capabilities in this way.

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy, Janusz Piechocinski, stressed the role of these capabilities play, in the process of promoting the Polish industry. These awards are a promotion of the great brands – Poles and the Polish Economy – as it was noted by Deputy Prime Minister Piechocinski.

Tarnów engineers have developed a family of monitor displays for the armed forces, along with on-board computers integrated with own drive systems, making it possible to realize fire control in an effective manner. The aforementioned solutions have been implemented in the combined missile-artillery Pilica anti-aircraft system. ZM Tarnów plays the role of the leader and the main integrator, within the Pilica programme.

Moreover, the Pilica system has recently entered the field test phase at the Chrcynno range. Live fire testing, both with the use of the missile, as well as with the use of the artillery module, is planned to be commenced in November, finishing the test programme. The Research and Development Centre was also involved in the process of developing the modified UKM-2000P machine gun. The said weapon was premièred during the MSPO 2015 Kielce defence exhibition. The machine gun in question was awarded with the Defender award, and it has been already ordered by the Polish Army.

Tarnów Mechanical Works company is dealing with manufacturing, development and modernization of, inter alia, anti-aircraft systems, sniper rifles, machine guns, remotely controlled armament modules or grenade launchers. The offer is also being directed towards the civilian market. Just recently, an announcement was made, according to which the ZMT HS rifle is involved in a testing process, after which the weapon is going to be introduced onto the commercial market in the United States of America.

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