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27 Thousand Troops To Take Part In The Polish Anakonda Exercise. Command Coordination.

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Coordination meeting, preceding the Anakonda-16 exercise, took place at the Polish General Command of the Armed Forces. It is expected that 27 thousand soldiers will be involved in the aforementioned operation. The meeting was hosted by General Mirosław Różanski, General Commander of the Armed Forces, responsible for provision of forces and resources required to carry out the exercise. The organizer was represented by the Operational Commander, General Marek Tomaszycki, along with the command’s officers.

According to the information provided by Lt. Col. Marek Pietrzak, this year's edition of the Anakonda exercise, planned between 7th and 17th June, is going to be one of the largest military events organized within the territory of Poland since many years, and the largest Anakonda exercise, since 2006, when the first operation of this series was taking place.

The Poles will constitute 50% of all 27 thousand involved troops, coming from 20 countries. The exercise is going to involve ca. 3 thousand vehicles, 60 examples of aircraft and 12 ships. Scenario of the operation will be taking place within all of the Polish military firing ranges, on the sea and in the Polish airspace. The largest foreign contingency is going to be deployed by the United States of America.

Lt. Col. Marek Pietrzak notes that “force provider” and “force user” roles will be realized and organized by the Polish Operational Command of the Armed Forces, in collaboration with the US Army European Command. The forces and resources are provided by the Polish General Command of the Armed Forces 

Beyond Anakonda

Throughout the year 2016, the Polish soldiers will also take part in almost 300 training events, with almost half of these events involving the allied forces. This number is almost 100% higher, than the one describing the Polish involvement in 2015. Polish training ranges will be used by soldiers coming from more than 20 states, including France, Canada, Germany, United States of America and United Kingdom.

According to the new strategy adopted by the Polish General Command of the Armed Forces, intensified reserve and volunteer training activities will be continued, during the Corps of Privates preparatory drills. Number of the trained soldiers will be increased, up to 36 thousand troops. The reserve exercises are going to take a form similar to the one developed in the autumn last year – the units will form coherent elements during the training operations, organized by the brigade and division commanders.

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