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300 Reconnaissance Boats For The Polish Army

The Armament Inspectorate announced that procurement of ŁRM reconnaissance boats is being currently carried out. The procedure is going to be finalized until the end of November 2015.

The ŁRM boats are being supplied by a Polish SPORTIS S.A. company based in Bojan, near Gdynia. The company was selected within the aforesaid procurement procedure, and it has submitted a better offer, in comparison with the IMS GRIFFIN company, representing, inter alia, the Zodiac company.

According to the contract concluded on 2nd April 2016, the reconnaissance elements of the Polish Armed Forces are going to receive more than three hundred reconnaissance boats. The purpose of the newly acquired boats is to act as means of transport within small bays, lakes, channels and on inland waters.

The boats are to be propelled by an outboard 15 kW motor, or with paddles (primarily). Each of the boats shall be capable of carrying 750 kilograms of load – e.g. five soldiers with the relevant equipment.