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40 Warmate UAVs - With a Special Message for the Russians [VIDEO]

Crowdfunded Warmate UAVs - before being handed off.
Photo. Oleg Gorokhovskyi

During the "Army of Drones" crowdfunding campaign organized by Monobank, UNITED24 and Oleg Gorokhovskyi, an amount of UAH 64 million was collected. 40 WB Group Warmate UAVs have been procured with the use of those funds. Each of the aircraft features a special message for the intended recipient.

The first 20 attack UAVs crowdfunded via the "Army of Drones" campaign have been handed off in September this year. Another 20 Warmate systems have just been delivered to Ukraine. The aircraft, before commissioning, also received a special message written all over the wings, containing the words composed by the Ukrainian citizens who funded the loitering munitions expected to hit the Russian occupants. 40 crowdfunding contributors got a chance to do that. They were selected, at random, among those who paid more than UAH 999. 6,682 persons in total decided to take a step as such.

After the campaign was finalized it turned out that Monobank received more than 144 thousand contributions in an amount exceeding UAH 64 million. Among those contributions, 152 exceeded UAH 100,000, while the top contribution had a value of more than UAH 551 thousand. The campaign was addressed mainly to the Ukrainians, but the money came from all over the world. The Warmate systems, and launchers, have all been commissioned in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Ukrainian soldiers have already been well-trained to use these UAVs, and have a significant amount of combat experience at hand.

YouTube cover video

Warmate has been equipped with replaceable 1.4kg warheads (types range from HEAT, HE, to thermobaric, and others). The airframe is powered by an electric motor, with a flight endurance of 70 minutes, at a distance of 80 kilometres. Striking the targets is however only possible when the UAV is flying no more than 30 kilometres away from the control station. The aircraft may take off at a stand-off distance, and then be taken over by an operator when it enters the area where the relevant RF coverage is available. The use of a communications system as such diminishes the risk of an intercept or jamming.

Noteworthy, a crowdfunding campaign launched by and WEI is also underway, with more than PLN 1.55 million already raised.