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Backpacks and Radios - Radmor Booth At MSPO 2015

  • Moment separacji rakiet wspomagających SLS, ilustracja: NASA/MSFC

Gdynia-based WB Group member - the Radmor company - is going to present a wide array of its products during the Kielce MSPO defence industry salon. The product range is going to include the R3507 programmable radio, with the 05211 car adapter, 35010 personal radio and the PtOR-2015D and M tactical backpacks for the operator of the RRC 9210 radio.

Radmor is a reputable brand, acting within the market of military radio communication devices (personal, hand-held, backpack and onboard varieties). The company also manufactures the radio-related accessories and digital radios.

Plecaki taktyczne PtOR-2015 dla operatora radiostacji RRC 9210 – fot. M.Dura

The main product presented during the Kielce event is the R3507 radio, with programmable parameters, functioning within the bandwidth between 20 and 520 MHz. This radio comes in a portable or in a vehicular variety. The device makes it possible to execute analogue audio signal transmission, over a fixed frequency, digital audio signal transmission over a fixed and variable frequencies (100 variations per second). This radio model also makes it possible to encrypt the transmitted speech. The device is going to be presented in Kielce along with the 05211 car adapter.

Radiostacja programowalna R3507 oraz adapter samochodowy 05211 – fot. M.Dura

Another product showcased during the MSPO is the 35010 personal radio used to maintain communications between the infantry squad members, within minor radio networks. The radio operates within the bandwidth between 2405 and 2480 MHz, the user has 16 channels at his disposal. A special car adapter is also offered, which makes it possible to mount the device in a vehicle.

Plecaki taktyczne PtOR-2015 dla operatora radiostacji RRC 9210 – fot. M.Dura

PtOR-2015 Tactical Backpacks are a complete novelty presented by RADMOR during the MSPO. Their purpose is to house the RRC 9210 radio. The backpacks are going to be presented in two varieties and – contrary to the previous designs – they are also tailored to accommodate the individual equipment for the soldiers.