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Cougars Received by the 18th Mechanized Division of the Polish Army

The Cougar vehicles have undergone paint jobs in Poland, making their camouflage more suitable to the terrain where they would be used.
Photo. 18th Mechanized Division

The 52nd Repair Battalion based in Czarne has finalized a training course for the drivers of the 18th Mechanized Division who are going to operate the 4x4 Cougar MRAP vehicles, recently delivered to Poland. They also underwent paint jobs and overhauls.

The Cougar vehicles delivered in late June are currently undergoing repainting or set up of the Polish communication systems so that they are tailored to comply with the requirements of the Polish Armed Forces. Training of maintenance personnel and drivers also had a key meaning - making it possible to rapidly commission the new vehicles in the military. As announced by the 18th Mechanized Division via its social media channels, the soldiers have just accomplished a relevant training course in this area, while the vehicles are soon to be received.

The agreement concerning the Cougars, signed in December last year, has a value of 27.5 million US dollars. The vehicles show almost no mileage, which means that their lifecycle may extend well into the future, without the necessity to carry out major overhauls. Ultimately these vehicles would be used by the bomb disposal units, to patrol the contested areas. Cougar 4x4 belongs to MRUV category I (Mine Resistant Utility Vehicle). It features a 4x4 design, 6-persons crew, and mine resistance at the level of 7 kg of TNT under the hull, and 14 kg of TNT under the wheel. Cougar's total weight is around 17 tonnes, while the vehicle offers a payload capacity of 2.5 tonnes.

The vehicle is powered by a Caterpillar C-7 engine, with a power output of 243 kW [330 HP], coupled with an Allison 3500SP automatic gearbox. The operational range is defined as 966 kilometers, whereas the top speed is 105 kph. The vehicles would be received primarily by the engineering/EOD elements, or, possibly, by elements tasked with the provision of security to the command staff, and they would also be used for patrol duties.