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Improved Future Soldier Equipment Offered By ZM Tarnów

  • Fot. KPRM / Flickr

ZM Tarnów (Tarnów Mechanical Works) proposed to expand the armament contained in the future soldier system. The system would include additional elements that would make it possible to neutralize the targets that use the obstacles to protect themselves, as well as the targets using light armour. Additional capabilities are also offered within the scope of neutralizing the threats located at distances longer than 1 kilometer. The company is going to present three products for the future soldier system during the Kielce MSPO defence salon.

ZM Tarnów stresses the fact that the request addressed to the Head of the Steering Committee, proposing to improve the armament contained within the future soldier system, was placed after consideration related to the experience gathered during the operations involving the Polish Army and soldiers coming from other countries. According to the basic assumption, the initiative would make it possible to increase the range, effectiveness and expand the scope of the targets that would be possible to be engaged (including the targets that use the covers).

The Tarnów-based facility proposes to use the RGP-40 Multiple Grenade Launcher in the future soldier system. The system is able to use more than 30 types of rounds, including high velocity projectiles capable of destroying targets at distances of up to 800 meters. A series of tests of the launcher, confirming the above capabilities, has already been carried out.

Expanding the range of armament with a semi-automatic .338 Lapua Magnum sniper rifle is also being offered. The demonstrator has already been presented, at the moment a prototype of this type of armament is being constructed.
ZM Tarnów suggests to, temporarily, complement the armament with the ALEX .338 sniper rifle which would make it possible to destroy targets at the distances exceeding 1 kilometer.

Finally, the Tarnów-based company suggests that the armament bundle for the new system should be complemented by the modified 7.62 mm UKM-2000P GPMG. UKM-2000P is a universal rifle, it may be also used as an individual weapon, not only at the squad level.