Land Forces

Nammo Ammunition – From Rifle Ammo To 155 mm Artillery Rounds

  • Image Credit: J. Sabak

During the MSPO Salon in Kielce, the Norwegian Nammo company presented its offer within the scope of ammunition, including the rounds for the Rosomak APC’s, Main Battle Tanks (including Leopard 2) and for the 155 mm howitzers.

The Norwegian Nammo company presented a wide range of ammunition, with a variety of calibers. The company is already well known in Poland, primarily thanks to the license manufactured 30 mm projectiles for the Rosomak APC. The offer of the company, demonstrated during the MSPO event, also included artillery ammunition, or rounds dedicated for the heavy machine guns.

During the Kielce event, Nammo presented, among other types of ammunition, the 30x173 mm round used by the Bushmaster cannon applied in case of the Rosomak vehicles. The display featured sabot Mk 258 rounds – both in the standard Mod 0, as well as in the modified Mod 1 “Swimmer” varieties.

Representatives of the Nammo company claim that both rounds deliver armour penetration of above 100 mm, at distances of up to 1 kilometre. “Swimmer” round is additionally modified in a way which allows it to maintain its properties, once it hits the water – which is quite important in case of the maritime operations, directed against fast boats. This type of ammunition is utilized in case of the on-board artillery of the LCS and LPD-17 class vessels.

Nammo also showcased MP/T [Multi-Purpose] rounds, along with a variety of training munitions for the 30 mm cannons, including TPDS-T sabot rounds and plastic P-SRTA-T rounds, used in case of the “force-on-force” training operations, within which both of the involved sides may use the above-mentioned ammunition. Both types of rounds may be used at distances of up to 1.2 kilometres.

The Norwegian manufacturer also presented the 12.7 x 99 (BMG) ammunition, dedicated for the heavy machine guns and for the anti-material sniper-rifles. Armour-piercing rounds (including NM-173 and NM-185 rounds, with armour penetration capability of 22 mm at the distance of 900 m), and API armour-piercing incendiary rounds, with a capability of penetrating 22 mm armoured covers, at distance of 100 m, were also presented during the Kielce exhibition. MP multi-purpose rounds were another highlight of the booth. This round fuses penetrative (10.6 mm of RHA, at 30 degree inclination, at 1000 meters), incendiary and fragmentation effect, including a variant with an IR-visible tracer (MP-DT) and training variants, including the plastic P-SRTA round as well.

155 mm artillery ammunition was also presented at the Norwegian booth. Extended Range Fragmentation-High Explosive round was presented among the other types of ammo. This projectile was developed with the use of desensitized materials, which increases the safety of use. The round is capable of destroying targets at distances of up to 41 kilometres, with application of a 52-calibre long barrel (Krab, Kryl, PzH 2000) and the base bleed technology. In case of the 39-calibre long barrel (M109A6, AS-90) the range is decreased, down to 30 kilometres. Training, illumination and smoke rounds were also included among the exhibited articles.

Nammo booth also featured 7.62 mm rounds, M72 LAW anti-tank grenade launcher, hand grenades and 40 mm grenade launcher rounds. A developed concept of programmable ammunition was also being showcased. 120 and 30 mm rounds are being currently developed. Modified M72 LAW launcher was developed, while the 40 mm rounds have already been delivered to the clients.