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Mobile Robots and Special Purpose Systems Delivered to the Polish Military Police by PIAP

IBIS®, Photo: Jarosław Brdak
IBIS®, Photo: Jarosław Brdak

PIAP Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements has delivered its IBIS®, PIAP GRYF®, TRM® robots and Explorer inspection systems for the Polish Military Police’s Special Branch. 

This is yet another delivery of PIAP robots that are to secure the operations of the MP Special Branch, for instance in anti-terrorism and IED/ED reconnaissance scenarios.

According to PIAP, the extra equipment delivered with the robots (holders for the recoilless disrupter, holders for X-ray systems, active fiber optic winder - up to 300 meters, remote detonator bus), the operators will have an ability to neutralize explosives, x-ray the suspicious objects or control the robot in an environment where radio jamming is present.

IBIS® is a bomb disposal/reconnaissance robotic platform. Once fitted with additional devices, the robot may also be used to neutralize hazardous packages, carry out chemical reconnaissance and rescue operations.

PIAP GRYF® robots have been designed to carry out reconnaissance of restricted areas and locations that are hard to be accessed. The robots are equipped with a manipulator with five degrees of freedom, also offering an option of closing the gripping jaws, allowing the robot to carry objects with a mass of up to 15 kilograms.

TRM® is a small support system designed for operations in environments that are hardly accessible and dangerous. The robot has been designed as a response to threats and dangers involved in reconnaissance carried out within the area of operations by the tactical units, prior to execution of the operation. It may be deployed inside the building or outdoors, to deliver optical or audio data remotely, to the operator staying at a safe distance. It can hit the ground when dropped from a level of 9 meters (onto a hard surface), and maintain full usability.

TRM®, Tactical Thrown Robot. Image Credit: Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements

EXPLORER is a system used for inspection of hardly accessible and dangerous locations. It may be used by the uniformed services responsible for public safety, for instance to inspect car chassis, ventilation ducts, manholes, technical duct or other controlled and monitored locations. EXPLORER features a remotely-controlled camera and a telescopic arm, depending on the needs of the user. It may be up to 4.8 meters long. It can also feature an articulated arm, with length of 2.8 metres.