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More Homar-K MLRS Systems in Poland

Photo. Armament Agency

Head of the Polish MoD, Mariusz Błaszczak announced that the Homar-K MLRS system has been unloaded in the port in Gdansk, along with another 4 fire modules expected to be installed on Jelcz 8x8 trucks.

This means that the second out of three Jelcz trucks sent to Korea for the K239 Chunmoo integration at Hanwha Aerospace returned to Poland. The current delivery increases the number of Homar-K systems in Poland to 2 examples. 15 modules are ready for integration on the Jelcz 8x8 trucks. Currently, integration work is underway, regarding the previously delivered modules, and extra components, including the Topaz automated FCS. This would make it possible to embed Homar-K in the currently operated FCS/BMS - which remains a world-class solution, capability-wise.

Ultimately the Polish Army is on track to procure 218 K239PL MLRS systems, designated Homar-K, based on the first performance contract signed in November 2022. The first 18 examples are to be received by the 18th Mechanized Division before the end of 2023. Three Homar-K systems have been assembled at Hanwha Aerospace in South Korea, and they are based on the Polish Jelcz trucks. Another 15 systems would be integrated at HSW in Stalowa Wola. Assembly of another 200 examples envisaged in the first performance contract signed in October 2022 would be happening in Stalowa Wola. It is possible that further launchers would be integrated into 3rd generation Jelcz vehicles, as demonstrated during the last MSPO exhibition.

Jelcz 883.57 premiere, Kielce, MSPO, September 2023.
Photo. Justyna Orzechowska/Jelcz

To support the second performance contract regarding the K239PL/Homar-K MLRS systems during MSPO 2023, Hanwha Aerospace and PGZ have signed an arrangement protocol. The document specifies the rules for the implementation of the second performance contract.

Hanwha Aerospace has obliged itself to conduct a transfer of technologies for a guided missile with a range of 80 kilometres, within the framework of a business model that is to be developed with PGZ, including the establishment of a joint venture. The launcher technology meanwhile, would be transferred to PGZ companies designated by the Group. The protocol also assumes that actions would be undertaken, to integrate Polish 122 mm rockets with the K239 Chunmoo/Homar-K launcher. A mock-up of such a solution has already been presented at MSPO.

Homar-K system.
Photo. Adam Świerkowski/Defence24