Orka Submarine Programme: Acquisition Mode To Be Selected Soon

 ORP Kondor being decommissioned. December 2017. Image Credit:. M. DURA
ORP Kondor being decommissioned. December 2017. Image Credit:. M. DURA

In case of the Orka programme, concerning the acquisition of three new generation submarines and cruise missiles, the Polish Ministry of Defence is still waiting for a decision related to the acquisition process “mode”, stated Wojciech Skurkiewicz, Deputy Head at the MoD. The official claimed that procurement is expected to happen between 2024 and 2026.

The information mentioned above was released during a meeting of the Parliamentary National Defence Committee. Polish Ministry of Defence, responding to the RFI submitted by the opposition, discussed the most important modernization programmes, including: Wisła, Rosomak BMS, drones, helicopters and surface combatants.

Referring to Orka, Skurkiewicz stated:

At the moment the task is in its analytical-conceptual phase. The finalization of that phase depends on the results of the workgroup’s effort, with that workgroup working on the recommendation with justification, addressed to the head of the MoD, with regards to procurement of new generation submarines, as a part of implementation of the “Orka” operational requirement. The Group’s work is going to make it possible to define an optimal deadline for procurement of the submarines, with particular attention paid to strategic partnership and ability to comply with the offset assumptions. At the moment we’re still waiting for the decision concerning the procurement mode to be made.

Deputy Head of the Polish Ministry of Defence, Wojciech Skurkiewicz

Furthermore, Skurkiewicz claimed that “acquisition of three new generation submarines with cruise missiles is expected to happen between 2024 and 2026”.

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The statement includes two interesting facts. First, the official suggested that three vessels would be bought, while Macierewicz was mentioning extension of the Orka programme to four submarines. Secondly, 2024-2026 delivery deadline shall also be noted.

Is it realistic? As the days go passing by, this question becomes increasingly more difficult to answer.

The Deputy Head of the MoD also recalled the fact that within the period between 2015 and 2017 German, French and Swedish bidders took part in the technical dialogue, while Poland and Norway initiated talks on potential joint acquisition of submarines.

The bidders include: Naval Group (Scorpène), Saab (A26) and thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (212CD).