Territorial Defence Forces

Polish Army Acquires Diagnostics and Repairs System

The Armament Inspectorate announced a tender, the aim of which is to procure self-contained 18 ADR-K mobile chassis-mounted systems for field diagnostics and repair, for the Polish Army, fitted on the Jelcz 662 vehicles.

Detailed requirements, tactical and technical parameters and the place of delivery are all going to be defined by the tender’s terms of reference which would be provided solely to the contractors invited to submit their offers.

We know though, that the tender is going to cover the procurement of 18 ARD-K mobile chassis-mounted laboratory for field diagnostics and repairs. The container is going to be fitted on a heavy-duty, high-mobility vehicle introduced into service in the Polish Armed Forces, belonging to the Jelcz 662 family. The vehicle would be procured for the Army within the scope of a separate agreement and, after it is received from the manufacturer, it is going to be transferred to the contractor who is going to fit the diagnostics system container onto the chassis.

The final request placing deadline, regarding the requests for being involved in the tender, expires on 10th September this year.