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The Ukrainian Crisis and Its Significance for International Security - upcoming scientific conference

  • Orbity Fobosa i sondy MAVEN. Ilustracja: NASA, CU
    Orbity Fobosa i sondy MAVEN. Ilustracja: NASA, CU

”The Ukrainian Crisis and Its Significance for International Security” is the name of International Scientific Conference, which is to be held on 19th and 20th of November in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski.

Ongoing – since 2013 – crisis in Ukraine together with political and military engagement of the Russian Federation siding with pro-Russian separatists, gained international dimension. Annexation of Crimea by Russia as well as initiation of "rebellious war" in Eastern Ukraine were the Kremlin's response for occidental orientation of Ukraine's foreign policy represented by Euromaidan camp.

Concurrently, according to some analysts, Russian policy toward Ukraine is just a stage in realization of a broader concept aiming to restoration of the Russian hegemony in post-Soviet area. The consecutive phases of the Ukrainian crisis confirm the collapse of the international security system on the axis Russia-NATO and, even wider, Russia-the West that has bound for over two decades. The expansive policy of the Kremlin and violation of Ukraine's territorial integrity does not remain without an influence also on national security systems of individual NATO member states, particularly the Baltic republics and Poland. International balance of power in the Middle Eastern Europe, that took form after the breakup of the Soviet Union, during the past several months simply ceased to be in force.

The subject matter of the impact of the Ukrainian crisis on international security system requires scrupulous and multidimensional analyses. The organizers of the International Scientific Conference "The Ukrainian Crisis and Its Significance for International Security" invite all interested political scientists, economists, pundits and experts in defence and security studies as well as the post-Soviet issues for considerations over political, military and economic aspects of the Ukrainian crisis in the context of international security, its conditions and threats.