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Ukrainian Forces Are Defending The City Of Marinka

  • Ilustracja: Airbus/Intelsat
    Ilustracja: Airbus/Intelsat

Yesterday morning, the Separatists, supported by the Russians, started an attack on the city of Marinka, located 10 km west from Donetsk. According to the observers, this is one of the most serious cases of breach of the peace agreement which had been signed on 15th February this year.

According to the spokesperson of the Ukrainian Army, shelling of Marinka, where defensive positions have been held by the elements of the 28th Independent Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian National Guard, started at 4 AM. The separatist forces, ca. 1000 troops, are trying to close a ring around the Ukrainian forces stationed in the town of Marinka. So far, 25 of the Ukrainian Army troops were wounded. No information related to the losses among the separatists is available.

The attack involves armoured elements, the Ukrainian forces are being constantly shelled with the Grad multiple rocket launchers, which constitutes a breach of the agreement reached in February this year, according to which tanks and artillery were to be withdrawn from the fights. Additional mechanized and armoured units were sent as the reinforcements for the Ukrainian forces.

The village of Krasnohorivka also became a target for the artillery. This location is placed 5 km north of Marinka.

The Ukrainian government claims that the fights are going on also within other regions of the front-line, however in the eyes of the Minsk authorities, the remaining fights are of fake character. The spokesperson of the Ukrainian Army said that the reports refer to shelling carried out in the area of Shyrokine, Zolote, Frunze, Schastya, Opytne, Wodyane, Pyervomaysk, Pisky, Newelsk, Kamyanka, Novotrotskie and Berezove.