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Ukrainian Mobilisation Enters Its Next Stage

  • Fot. Ukroboronprom
    Fot. Ukroboronprom

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, the first stage of the fourth wave of partial mobilization has been completed in 90%, according to the status achieved on 3rd March 2015.

The fourth wave of partial mobilization started on 20th January. The operation has been divided into three stages, which are to be conducted from January to August, within the territories of 24 Oblasts.

The second stage is to start in April, and it is planned that it would last for 60 days. The third stage is planned to start from June. It would also last for 60 days. The plan assumes that, in total, 200 thousand Ukrainians would be called for duty until the end of 2015.

At the end of February, the Ukrainian MoD denied the Russian propaganda reports which claimed that conscription process is in trouble. The official news is that 10% of the soldiers from the fourth wave of mobilization have volunteered.