Armed Forces

V4 Group’s Joint Exercise

  • Fot. Mateusz Zielonka/

More than a thousand Polish soldiers, together with the troops from Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia, took part in ŻBIK-15 tactical exercise. The operation was taking place between 25th and 30th June 2015, within the area of the Polish Drawsko training range.

According to the Szczecin 12th Mechanized Division, the aim of the tactical/live fire exercise which involves the elements of the 12th Mechanized Brigade and soldiers coming from many other military units, was to check the readiness of the Polish mobile battalion of the EU Visegrad Combat Group.

The exercise consisted of three stages. The first two stages were purely tactical, they were related to the area of responsibility of the mobile battalion of the 1st Legion Battalion of the “Blue Brigade”. The third stage was related to night and day live-fire training.

The scenario of the five-day-long exercise covered numerous areas that are typical for the peacekeeping missions, including introduction of peace between the conflicted parties, peacekeeping, show of force, crowd management, base protection, carrying out the procedures related to the NGO humanitarian aid, patrolling activities within the area of responsibility and in a situation where IED use is present or planning and executing Cordon & Search scenarios.

The main tasks realized by the mobile battalion within the scope of the operational activities undertaken by the V4 Combat Group shall include execution of support operations within the conflict zone, peacekeeping, setting a demarcation zone and realization of the operations, the aim of which would be to stabilize the situation in the region of the potential unrest.