AS 2017: Krab SPH Showcased in Ukraine

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During the Kiev Arms and Security event, the Polish Armaments Group is showcasing the 155 mm Krab self propelled howitzer platform, manufactured by the HSW S.A. facility acting as a part of the Polish Armaments Group.

Presentation of the Krab system in Kiev has been organized to gain the interest of the foreign entities, in the said artillery system. PGZ also presents other products contained within its portfolio, during the event, including the DragonFly UCAVs. The Group’s stand has also been visited by the Parliamentary Secretary of State at the Polish Ministry of Defence, Bartosz Kownacki.

In July this year, deliveries of the first Polish Regina squadron level fire unit’s Krab howitzers have been finalized. Officially, the platform has been introduced into service in August this year.

Kownacki Kijów 2
Image Credit: J. Sabak/Defence24

Meanwhile, in December 2016, a contract worth 4.6 billion zlotys was signed to deliver another four fire module units, meaning that the Polish Army would receive at least 120 sphs, along with the relevant support equipment. It cannot be ruled out that, within the framework of implementing the Strategic Defence Review, the number of the Regina fire units would go up, which was also mentioned by the head of the Polish Ministry of Defence, Antoni Macierewicz, recently.

Krab howitzer utilizes a 155 mm cannon with a 52-calibre length barrel, allowing the system to act against a variety of targets at distances of around 40 kilometres. Within the inventory of the Polish Armed Forces, the Krab platform would replace the obsolete artillery systems utilizing the Warsaw-pact standard 122 mm (2S1 Gvozdika) and 152 mm (Type 77 Dana) rounds.