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Black Hawks for the Polish Special Forces

  • Na pierwszym planie rakieta kierowana laserowo Ch-50. Dalej bomby kierowane KAB-20. Fot.

Polish Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz announced that the first examples of the Black Hawk helicopters are going to be received by the Polish Army by the end of this year.

The rotary-wing aircraft in question are going to be received by the special operations component of the Polish Army. The rapid procurement of the said helicopters is going to make it possible to ensure that operational needs of the Polish Army are met. Secondly, the purchase will also be a means to use the budgetary assets allocated to this fiscal year.

Macierewicz assured that relevant talks pertaining to the prospective procurement are going to begin this week, while the corresponding agreement is expected to be signed by the end of the year. The deliveries are also going to begin before the end of 2016. Most probably, the Polish government is considering acquisition of no more than ten helicopters.

The special forces urgently need to establish a proper level of operational capabilities, the Polish 7th Special Operations Squadron currently utilizes Mi-17 helicopters which only partially meet the requirements defined by the component. Also, the quantity of the helicopters that are in service is too low. Minister Macierewicz made a statement referring to the Black Hawk helicopters during his visit at the PZL Mielec facility, when he participated in a joint press conference, also involving the Polish PM, Beata Szydlo.

Polish Prime Minister stated that the government is willing to restore the Polish industrial capabilities and utilize the Polish technological potential. At the same time, she stressed the fact that the steps taken jointly at PZL Mielec form a good example of collaboration with the foreign investor. The government assumes that modern armament and military hardware is going to be purchased from the Polish facilities manufacturing such products.