Borsuk IFV Presented in Kielce After Successful Amphibious Trials [VIDEO]

13 września 2019, 09:09
Image Credit: HSW

New Borsuk Fighting Amphibious Infantry Vehicle (literal translation of the original name), abbreviated NBPWP, was one of the most important exhibits presented by HSW S.A. and PGZ Group, during the MSPO 2019 event.

NBPWP with ZSSW-30 turret on it, developed within the framework of the BORSUK programme, passed static, dynamic and amphibious tests without any issues. The new vehicle is to be capable of passing over wide water obstacles. Borsuk has also been designed to be able to operate in varied terrain and weather conditions. Furthermore, the vehicle is to exhibit high maneuverability. It is to be easily transportable as well. Borsuk’s basic design assumption is that it shall protect its crew and carried troops from small arms fire and anti-tank grenades, mines and IEDs. It is going to be developed in several variants - from amphibious one to a heavy armoured vehicle.

The “Borsuk” project is being co-financed within the framework of funding provided by the National Centre for Research and Development. HSW S.A. concluded an agreement with the Centre on 24th October 2014, acting as the consortium leader.

Mariusz Błaszczak, head of the Polish MoD, began his visit at the MSPO 2019 event venue from getting acquainted with the results of 3-years-long R&D effort concerning the New Fighting Amphibious Infantry Vehicle, BORSUK. The vehicle was developed by a consortium led by HSW S.A. Borsuk is the latest equipment manufactured at a Polish defence industry production plant.

Not only did HSW S.A. present a new IFV, as 120 mm Mortar on a tracked platform was also showcased in Kielce. The new variant is based on an upgraded chassis with a modern, hydropneumatic suspension system. The well known “Rak” wheeled 120 mm self-propelled mortar system has already been introduced into service. The latest HSW S.A.’s proposal is prepared with both domestic, as well as export user in mind. The design takes into account all of the latest, global trends pertaining to this type of systems. Therefore, HSW S.A. shows that it follows the global trends, upgrading and modifying its products, improving their quality, all in order to make it better and better meet the customer requirements. HSW S.A. has already shown its readiness to begin manufacturing of a tracked version of the fire module element. This variant of the self-propelled mortar also uses the 120 mm turret that is used by the company-level fire modules that have already been adopted by the Polish military.

Image Credit: HSW

BAOBAB Scattered Mine Delivery System with four launchers is the third product presented by HSW S.A. at the MSPO 2019 event. BAOBAB is a result of work undertaken within the scope of the project undertaken by a consortium led by HSW S.A., creating a modernized variant of the Baobab system, as ordered by the Armament Inspectorate. The showcased variant is a response to the growing demand expressed with regards to such system on the foreign markets. It was in February when field tests were taking place, as ordered by an important, potential customer. Several more test procedures have also been planned in the future. Ultimately, six internally controlled automatic launchers are to be fitted onto the vehicle. These are to be coupled with the latest system, designed to control the mining process.

Image Credit: HSW

HSW S.A. also signaled that it is working, jointly with PGZ and WZU, on a tank destroyer concept. The latest design is in its infancy now, but it is to use the latest and proven tracked platform - the K9PL chassis used in case of the 155 mm KRAB self-propelled howitzer.
It was on the last day of the MSPO event in Kielce when the most prospective and innovative defence and security products received relevant awards. Special distinction was awarded by the head of the MoD to the NBPWP Borsuk platform, developed by a consortium led by HSW S.A.
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