Crimea: “Chechnyan” Level Of Support For Putin

Support for Putin in Crimea has reached a new level – according to the Russian media. Ukrainian sources indicate that similar information was published back in 2012, by the Chechnyan media outlets.

According to the official data of the pro-Kremlin All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre, current statistics leave no room for any doubts. The quoted data states that 68% of the Crimean population assessed the Putin’s operation as “good, without any doubt”, while 23% expressed opinion that the Putin’s actions were “rather good”.

Only 2% of the respondents claimed that the Putin’s actions were “rather bad”, while nobody stated that the Russian operation was “bad without any doubts”. 4% of the voters had no opinion, while 3% claimed that they have no knowledge of the Putin’s operations whatsoever.

The research has been carried out throughout the period between 9th and 18th February, and the poll involved 1600 inhabitants of the occupied peninsula. Statistical error was estimated at the level of 3.4%.

The Ukrainian media recall that during the last presidential election in Russia, back in 2012, Putin was supported by 99,73% of the citizens, whereas turnout was shaped at the level of 99.59%.