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Czech Republic Ready To Send Its Forces To Fight Against the IS

Czech Minister of Defence announced that Prague may deploy 200 troops, should a land operation against the IS be planned in Syria or Iraq. The statement was made on 22nd November.

Czech Minister of Defence, Martin Stropnicky, stated on 22nd November, that should a land operation be conducted against the ISIS forces in Iraq or Syria, Czech Republic is ready to deploy 100 – 200 troops, including medical personnel and chemical warfare specialists, to participate in the armed intervention.

Further part of his statement suggested that the medical personnel would consist of “several” persons. At the same time, the Czech official noted that potential deployment would have to be approved by the government. Minister stressed the fact that it is required to support those who fight against the IS with equipment and deployment of air assets. He also claimed that even though no decision was made, regarding the potential intervention, the probability of such operation is growing. Stropnicky also noted that this kind of operation would be extremely risky, thus it is not a solution which is often considered by the major players. Increased number of refugees and increased terrorism threat were both listed among the eventual dangers resulting from such operation.

Head of the Czech MoD stated that the neighbouring states should be the ones who are involved in the struggle against the Daesh organization primarily. Czech official also said that in his opinion, it would be impossible to create an effective anti-IS coalition without Russia. Long-term deployment of UN-peacekeeping units would be required, in order to sustain and stabilize the situation afterwards.