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Data From The Polish F-16 Jets For The Ground Forces. Procurement of Relevant Equipment for the CAS Controllers

Image credit: chor. S.Kinasiewicz/Combat Camera DO SZ
Image credit: chor. S.Kinasiewicz/Combat Camera DO SZ

Within the framework of an analytical-concept phase of the procurement procedure, the Armament Inspectorate has begun a market analysis related to acquisition of a datalink which would make it possible to exchange information between the jet fighters and the land forces. The equipment will be used by the Joint Terminal Attack Controllers and other soldiers who are tasked with coordination and guidance of the air component, in relation to the operational activities undertaken by the land and special forces.

Within the framework of the initiated dialogue, the Armament Inspectorate is planning to acquire equipment and software for the tactical teams of controllers, allowing the soldiers to communicate with the aircraft and land-based fire support systems. The new suite is going to be used by FACs, JTACs, JFOs and ALOs. The planned data-link is to consist of 10 examples of portable kits which are destined to be used by the operators working within the stationary positions, along with 70 packages for the forward controllers.

According to the requirements defined by the Armament Inspectorate, the portable system shall feature at least one tactical terminal (laptop computer or tablet) with relevant specific purpose software, transmitter-receiver for video and equipment required for transportcontainer, case etc. The whole kit shall not weigh more than 20 kilograms.

The mobile system is expected to contain a tactical terminal (tablet/smartphone) with a special purpose software package, in a waterproof casing, along with a head-up display, transmitter-receiver for the video signal and a backpack. The whole system shall weigh no more than 6 kilograms.

The system should make it possible to carry out a bilateral data exchange with the aircraft (VMF) and allow for reception of digital and analog video from the aircraft (VDL). Video is to be receivable in the following formats: PAL, NTSC, MPEG-4, MPEG-2 and MJPEG. It is also required that video reception from the SNIPER Pod is possible. SNIPER Pod is being utilized by the Polish F-16 fighters.